FAMU RA Arrested For Stealing From Another Student During Christmas Break

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Daniel Campas - a sophomore at FAMU - went home for the holidays. When he went shopping for his family, he noticed something was wrong.

"I felt really bummed out, especially around the holidays when it's the time of giving," he said.

"I decided I would check online to see what's going on and come to find out, I had a negative balance in my Wells Fargo bank account."

Daniel lives in the Palmetto Apartments on campus. FAMU police said while he was away, Residential Assistant Stephen Gordon, 21, used a key to get into his room - and stole his checkbook - to write checks to himself.

"I looked this guy up on Facebook, found out that he was associated with FAMU. So, the first thing I did when I came back, I just took it straight to my RA and reported it to the police," Daniel said.

According to the police report, Gordon was not supposed to have access to the master keys, but said he took them from a supervisor's desk. The report goes on to say that Gordon wrote checks amounting to more than $400.

FAMU Police Chief Terence Calloway said even during break, students must remain aware of their belongings.

"The way you eliminate crime is you eliminate the opportunity," he said.

"When you leave for the holiday breaks or long weekends, take your valuables with you. What I mean by valuables are credit cards, bank cards, checkbooks, anything that can be utilized right then and there."

As for Daniel, he was reimbursed for all of the money lost.

"Never take that risk with your money."

According to the report, Gordon had a prior history with fraud. He was previously accused of illegal use of a credit card, petit theft, theft of a credit card and grand theft.

He is still facing those charges along with new charges for this incident.

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