FAMU Releases Statement On Dorm Heating Issue

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By: Bailey Myers
January 8th, 2014

Tallahassee FL- Some students at FAMU got a rude awakening, recently without any heat! The heaters stopped working in several dorm and classrooms.

"Last night my room was warm but then this morning I woke up and I was really cold. But once I talked to the R-A's about it they were quick to say somebody is working on the heat right now and I know last night they were taking some girls to the hotel because they didn't want them catching a cold from the rooms being cold" explained Nia Kennedy one FAMU Student living at Diamond Hall Resident.

After complaints the female dorms at McGuinn Hall didn't have heat following this weeks freezing temperatures, FAMU did an investigation and found 100 rooms weren't circulating heat efficiently.

We were told by students some were sent to the Capital Center Hotel off Apalachee in Tallahassee. Kennedy said, "A lot of them are still here because alot of them have 8:00 classes- our morning classes. So they don't know when they are going to get back. It's the first week of school so they don't want to be late."

In the press release FAMU sent WCTV they said "Alternative housing was offered to each student affected and 31 students accepted the invitation to stay off campus while corrective measures are implemented." They also told us that today they have worked with a company to fix the heating problem in all but ten dorm rooms so far. All classes in Jones Hall were cancelled this week, because it too had heating issues.

For now students say "There's no where else for me to go so sometimes I just bundle up when it's cold."

A spokesperson for FAMU tells us the crews are still working to fixing the heating problem. Classes in Jones hall are expected to resume this upcoming Monday.

News Release: FAMU

As the temperature declined in Tallahassee to near record levels, the University was notified of an issue with the heating system in McGuinn Residence Hall early Monday morning (Jan. 6). We immediately contacted our service provider to correct the problem.

The heat was restored on Monday and the boilers on campus are being monitored. Additionally, we conducted a walk through of every dorm to speak directly with residents about the heat in their area.

This walkthrough identified 100 rooms within the 11 residence halls on campus where the heat flow was not effective. Alternative housing was offered to each student affected and 31 students accepted the invitation to stay off campus while corrective measures are implemented.

Working with Siemens, we have restored heating to all but approximately 10 dormitory rooms.

Additionally, we assessed that the heat was not efficient in Jones Hall and classes will be cancelled in that building until further notice. We anticipate this facility to return to normal operations by Monday, Jan. 13th.

Student safety is our primary concern. We will continue to monitor the heating system throughout this unseasonably cold winter.

By: Bailey Myers
January 7th, 2014

Tallahassee FL- Some students at FAMU are saying they don't have any heat.

We received a call late last night from a FAMU student telling us all the heat in McGuinn Hall was shut down and it was freezing.
Today we visited the hall and spoke with many of the residents who said they didn't have heat or hot water today.

FAMU student Jamirah Prior lives in McGuinn Hall and told us, "When we got here the hot water wasn't working and when we had a freeze warning last night the heater and the hot water wasn't working. They say it is slowly happening and they can't control it that it's the contractors but you mean something has to happen because if we get sick then what."

FAMU officials said they were told the heat wasn't working earlier this week. They then told us workers began fixing the problem, and monitored the broilers last night. They said the heat was back on. Although residents said it wasn't.

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