FAMU Students Study Abroad

By: Lanetra Bennett
June 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Eyewitness News caught up some scholars at the Tallahassee Regional Airport before their flight Monday afternoon.

The trip is for the FAMU Center for Global Security and International Affairs Summer Study Abroad Program.

Twenty-three students are participating, some going to South Africa, Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Ghana.

They will take classes in their chosen country, and are required to learn the language.

FAMU Student Mario Henderson is going to Ghana. He says, "I'm interested in learning a lot about Ghana's governance structure, how their travel structure works with their central government and just examining how this West African country has been so prosperous. So, I'm excited."

The program is federally funded. The students will stay in their selected countries for four to six weeks.

Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida A&M University (FAMU) Center for Global Security and International Affairs 2013 Summer Study Abroad Program’s 23 scholars are geared up and ready to journey to South Africa (six students), Dominican Republic (four students), Ghana (five students), and Brazil (eight students), respectively.

Scheduled to depart Tallahassee on June 24 for a time span of four to six weeks, the students will take classes at selected universities or institutions in their chosen countries. Students are required to take a course in the language of the country as part of their required cultural immersion activity for the Center’s study abroad program.

The program’s participants started their initial research project in the spring 2013 semester, and upon the students’ return to Tallahassee in August, they will participate in a campus colloquium affording program scholars opportunities to present reports on their study abroad experience and the academic research they conducted in their respective countries.

“As director of the Center for Global Security and International Affairs, I'm pleased to see the product of faculty and mentors' commitment to developing future global leaders,” said Keith Simmonds, director and principal investigator for the FAMU Center for Global Security and International Affairs.

The Center for Global Security and International Affairs (CGSIA) mission is creating and developing leaders utilizing a holistic approach through teaching, dialoguing and informing citizens at home and abroad about global security and international affairs. We consider ourselves as vendors in the marketplace of ideas, communicating a new paradigm for national security.

This is the Center’s fourth year studying abroad. Since 2009, students have traveled to China, Hong Kong, Belgium, Britain, Spain and Costa Rica. The program scholars understand that the world has become a global community without borders, and it is critical that Americans become conversant with the politics, economics and culture of all people.

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