Town Hall On George Zimmerman Trial Held At FAMU

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By: Bailey Myers
July 2, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The polarizing case has stretched to residents in Tallahassee. Local attorneys met at FAMU tonight for an NAACP hosted town hall meeting. The focus however, wasn't on if Zimmerman is guilty or not. This three-person panel of two attorneys and a former judge were invited by the NAACP-- to shed light for the public on how a high profile case like George Zimmerman's is handled.

Tallahassee NAACP Spokesman, Djawa Hall explained, "We wanted to educate our community and make them aware that there could potentially be three different outcomes of this trial." They attempted to make it clear that those outcomes guilty; not guilty, or a hung jury, isn't an easy decision to make.

Former Judge, Janet Ferris explained her goals "You have to separate out all of those other issues from the legal issues. And I hope, that people can understand maybe a little better after this panel discussion of what exactly those legal issues look like and what the jury is going to have to do." And she walked everyone through the burden of being a juror by saying, "So the Jury is going to get these instructions and their are about a billion different pieces and parts to this."

As one spectator learned, the process isn't as cut and dry as it's made to seem. Jabari Paul attended the meeting to learn a little bit more about this case. What he explained was, "Well this event was very significant because a lot of times people just formulate opinions sitting home on the couch and they don't have those legal opinions to pull from."

The NAACP hopes to conduct another meeting like this one going over the Zimmerman trial again in the future.

Press Release: FAMU, NAACP

The Florida A&M University will host a Town Hall Meeting for the Tallahassee/Leon County Community to discuss the procedures and potential outcomes of the George Zimmerman Trial, currently underway in Sanford, Florida. The Town Hall Meeting will have a panel to discuss certain roles of participants within the trial context:

  • Attorney Charles “Chuck” Hobbs – Moderator

  • Attorney Andrea Nelson – Prosecutorial Perspective

  • Attorney Gary Roberts – Defense Counsel Perspective

  • Judge (Retired) Janet Ferris – Court Perspective

We invite all interested community members to attend. The Meeting will be conducted at Lee Hall Auditorium on FAMU Campus, on Tuesday, July 2, 2012 beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Further information please contact Dale R. Landry at (850) 514-4393 or (850) 459-3460, or Jabari Paul at (850) 509-2535.

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