FAMU Text Alert: 3 Guys Harassing Women

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Tallahassee, FL - Emani Bell is a freshman at FAMU. She says when night falls across campus, her and her friends have a safety plan in place.

"We have a buddy system, we make sure we don't walk around campus by ourselves, we always have a friend with us," said Bell.

She says she was never more happy to have that system in place than when she heard about the university's latest text alert. Just before 5:30 p.m. That's when FAMU PD texted: "3 white males were seen on campus video taping females and making lewd gestures."

That was all the information they sent out for the night, but enough to give any woman walking across campus even more reason to be cautious.

"I think we need more patrol, I don't see a lot of patrol out here," said Antanette Williams, a freshman at FAMU.

You can spot patrol cars at various spots across campus, but Williams says more couldn't hurt. As always, FAMU police urge all students to report any suspicious activity right away.

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