FAMU To Receive STEM Funding As Part of Governor's Budget

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By: Kevin Clark
June 2, 2014 11pm

Tallahassee, FL - Malaysia Richardson is a senior, studying Molecular Biology at FAMU.

She says the money granted to the school for its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs speaks volumes.

"It says we have some pretty good students here," said Richardson.

FAMU will receive 2.5 million dollars in STEM money as part of Governor Scott's 77 billion dollar state budget.

Unlike in year's past, the money is performance-based, meaning FAMU is getting much more STEM money than it is used to.

Richardson says the money is badly needed.

"I took a physiology class, and that's more hands-on with the body," said Richardson. "All we did was lecture because we don't have the proper equipment for the lab, so it would definitely help."

While the STEM money hasn't been specifically allocated yet, school officials say it will likely go toward not only new lab equipment, but important research opportunities for students.

"About one-third of our students here (FAMU) major in STEM or health-related disciplines," said Tola Thompson, Director, FAMU Governmental Relations. "We believe this will allow us to turn out additional graduates to meet state and national needs."

Despite the big spending, officials say FAMU won't be raising tuition, at least not this year.

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