[UPDATE] FAMU Asking Judge to Dismiss Champion Civil Lawsuit

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November 29, 2012 -

The presentation by FAMU's attorney points out that 26-year-old Robert Champion was an adult and that he signed the university's anti-hazing agreement twice.

To show their point, the documents say Champion made the decision to take part in the planned hazing event, and showed up at the designated place and time.

It says Champion got on the bus to participate even after seeing two other people get hazed, and says he took part himself as a hazee.

The full document is attached above.

Associated Press Release
Associated Press
Orlando, FL (AP) -- Attorneys for Florida A&M University are asking a judge in Orlando to dismiss a civil lawsuit brought by the family of a school drum major who died last year after being hazed by fellow band members.

Attorneys are going before Circuit Judge Walter Komanski on Wednesday, claiming that Robert Champions' fatal injuries were the result of his agreeing to participate in hazing.

Champion's parents filed a lawsuit contending university officials did not take action to stop hazing even though a school dean proposed suspending the famed Marching 100 band just days before their son died. The lawsuit also alleges that school officials fell short in enforcing anti-hazing policies.

Champion's parents rejected a $300,000 settlement offer from the university earlier this month.

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