FAMU President Ammons: 5 Years on the Job

Tallahassee, Florida- July 7, 2012

From a big warm welcome to a push to be removed, Dr. James Ammons has been through it all during his time as FAMU's president.

Monday marked his 5th anniversary on the post.

Dr. James H. Ammons became the tenth president of FAMU on July 2, 2007.

The university was on probation for its accreditation status, and facing financial problems.

Accreditation was resolved, and FAMU received four clean audits this year.

FAMU student Bryant Williams says, "He's doing a good job. I think he's very resilient because he stuck through everything. I love what our school has come to. I love FAMU."

The school website says the latest enrollment is 13,207. In 2007, it was 11,562.

Five years ago, there were 1,855 degrees awarded and 1,936 this past year.

FAMU Student Fredrick Allen says, "I'd really like to commend the SBI program on all their hard work and everything that they've instilled on us. I love this school."

There have been some dark days.

Dr. Ammons' leadership was questioned when a Marching 100 drum major died from a hazing ritual in 2011.

Governor Rick Scott recommended Ammons step down; and the Board of Trustees passed a vote to reprimand Ammons, as well as a vote of "no confidence" in his leadership.

Still, supporters say FAMU has had more recognitions than any other college in the state--because of Dr. Ammons.

Tommy Mitchell, FAMU Alumni Association President, lists, "Forbes Magazine, Washington Monthly, Princeton Review, News and World Report ranked us among the Top 15 Most Popular Colleges, The #1 Historically Black College, Princeton Review One of the Best Colleges in the Southeast, Washington Monthly's One of the Nation's Top 100 Colleges. So, when you look at all of that, in spite of what some folks have said about him, clearly we as stakeholders who send our children and your money, we're delighted to have him."

Mitchell says he believes the long list of accomplishments will continue under the helm of Dr. Ammons.

Dr. Ammons' 5th anniversary coincides with the university's 125th anniversary.

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