FDLE Conducts 2nd Investigation Of Lakeland Police

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Associated Press Release

LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) -- The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting a second criminal investigation relating to the sexual misconduct case within the Lakeland Police Department.

FDLE confirmed for the Ledger this week that an inquiry had been made.

FDLE spokeswoman Linda McDonald said the state agency had been contacted, but said she did not know by whom. She said FDLE will be in contact with Lakeland police and Chief Lisa Womack about the situation.

The scandal is centered on allegations made by crime analyst Sue Eberle. Following questioning in a separate case, Eberle claimed she had sex, or inappropriate relationships of a sexual nature, while on duty with more than 20 officers and city employees

The first investigation, which was conducted in April, resulted in several resignations and firings in recent weeks.

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