FDLE Raids Home Of Former Midway Mayor

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The former mayor of Midway in Gadsden County claims her rights were violated when the Florida Department of Law Enforcement raided her home earlier Friday.

Ella Barber claims FDLE agents barged into her home with a search warrant. She said the warrant claims they were searching for a gun that possibly belonged to former midway police chief, Terron Lindsey.

She said he used a mobile home on her property to store his things after he was arrested for misconduct on the job.

"Those people did not do their homework. There was a number at his address...but they said that he had my address down there on the search warrant. That's what they had and I didn't know anything about what was going on," Barber said.

We reached out to FDLE for comment. They said a raid was conducted on Barber's home as a part of an on-going investigation regarding a theft. They said Barber is not the subject of the investigation. Lindsey is currently serving time in jail for misconduct and petit theft while on the job.

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