FHP to Target Aggressive Drivers

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Tallahassee, FL-November 1, 2012

About 80 percent of all traffic accidents are a result of driver error.Now the Florida Highway Patrol is looking to crack down on those dangerous drivers.

"What they are going to be looking for is aggressive driving behaviors by large truck drivers and car drivers." says Lt. Jeff Frost of the Florida Highway Patrol.

FHP is cracking down on dangerous drivers as part of its 'Ticketing Aggressive Trucks and Cars' campaign.

The first part of the campaign will focus on the northern part of the state. It will go after drivers from Pensacola to Jacksonville who speed, tailgate, or who change lanes without signaling.

If you are one of those driver caught following too closely you could be hit with a traffic citation and points against your license.

FHP is allowing additional overtime for troopers so they can stay out on the roads longer and monitor drivers.

The campaign will be broken up into four parts, each one week long focusing on a different part of the state. The first part starts November 12.

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