Who Should Set Standards For Teachers?

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By: Mike Springer
June 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL- It's status quo when it comes to tying teacher pay to student performance in Florida...

A Leon County Circuit Judge denied a motion for a rehearing in a case concerning a 2011 law that ties the two together.

"I think this is a matter that will soon ultimately get to the appellate court," said Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper

The state and teachers are battling it out over a 2011 Senate Bill tying teacher pay to student performance.

The Florida Education Association say the bill weakens a teacher's job security and hurts their ability to collectively bargain. Arguments the state denies.

Tuesday, the FEA took things a step further, challenging the Department of Education's ability to set the standards in which teachers are evaluated.

"This is saying for the first time, that below a certain level that's to be set by the state board, then the student learning growth measure becomes 100 percent the evaluation and you're deemed to be unsatisfactory no matter what the rest of your evaluation said," said Lynn Hearn, attorney for FEA.

"Standards can be developed by the Department of Education. They are told how to develop them. They're told what they can take into consideration for developing them," said Michael Mattimore, the attorney representing the state.

The FEA has 30 days to appeal the judge's decision. Attorneys for the group have yet to decide if they will.

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