FSU Game Brings Big Business To Local Bars

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By: Bailey Myers
September 14th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- Thousands flooded the streets near FSU today for the Noles first home game of the season. The Noles weren't the only ones who won today.

While thousands attended the FSU, Nevada game today, others decided to enjoy the game from a bar stool.

These fans may not be in the stadium but they sure were cheering on their team. All just a few blocks away.

General Manager of Madison Social Jason Walker, "Alumni Florida State people they just come in town for this time of year so its drawn a lot of money into Tallahassee and we just want to capitalize on that."

So new bars like-- Madison Social opened their bar just in time for the first game in hopes people will enjoy watching the game from a bar stool. For business manager Walker those hopes were realized as hundreds crowded the bar for some drinks and some football.

Walker explained, "We are hoping for it to build you know the bigger the game the more people are going to come out for it the more people-- As long as Florida State keeps winning you know that's going to draw more people and it's just going to get bigger and bigger every day."

More people--means more drinks, which ultimately means more money, and FSU football isn't just for Tallahassee locals.

Visiting From England Adam Purse, "One of the key things they said was if you come to America go tailgating go to college football games and get amongst it try to embrace what goes on." For a lot of fans that means bar hoping.

We were told today was a successful game day for Madison Social, and bars in College Town hope the success lasts all season.

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