FSU BCS Championship Celebration

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Emily Johnson
February 1, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - Before fans got to see the National Championship team they were able to take part in seeing the BCS Crystal football for the first time. Thousands gathered at Langford Green to take part in the pre-celebration festivities. For one family from Jacksonville, the Kazierczaks, it was a way for their two sons to see what can happen when goals are accomplished. "Well it means to us that the hard work and dedication of the school and the players payed off. That's what we're showing our boys now, is that when you do hard work and stay in studies and do the right thing this will pay off for you. You get rewarded in the end," said Bryan Kazierczak.

After the pre-celebration on Langford Green folks made their way into the stadium. The National Championship celebration from Pasadena on January 6Th, finally made it's way back to Doak Campbell Stadium. "To see 25,000 FSU fans all ready to get on their feet, cheer, show excitement applaud the coaches and players, it's just wonderful," said Eric Barron, FSU President.

Not only did fans here from FSU FSU President Eric Barron, but also other FSU greats like Jameis Winston. "All I can say is thank you fans, because y'all made this a bigger family for us and we did this for y'all and we're going to keep doing this for y'all," said Jameis Winston, FSU Quarterback.

After the celebration folks were invited to come down onto the field. For some this was their very first time stepping onto Bobby Bowden field. "Absolutely this is my very first time, and it's just great. I just don't have words, I can just say WOW," said Sandra Smith, FSU Fan.

The fans were not only excited about walking onto the championship turf, but also seeing the championship players up close in person. Players stayed on the field to take pictures with fans.

For some fans today like, Nancy DeGrummond, who has been a Professor at Florida State since the 1960s said she noticed a pattern with the National Championship teams. "It's Ward, Weinke and Winston, So I 'I've got some advice for Jimbo when he's recruiting in the future, just make sure the quarterbacks name starts with a W," said DeGrummond.

All in all Seminole fans said it was a great day to be in Tallahassee celebrating the National Championship with the team.

Gina Pitisci
February 1, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - After a 14-0 season, the Florida State Seminoles celebrate their national championship victory in a big way. Fans from near and far made their way to Tallahassee to honor and celebrate the Noles bringing the National Championship title back to Tally. FSU fan, Thomas Dunn says "we've been looking forward to it ever since then and now that I have my son to share it with, it's just great."

The Seminoles celebrated their big win in Pasadena right back where it all started, at Doak Campbell Stadium. According to FSU Lady Spirithunter, Hannah Miller, "it's actually my senior year, so to go out big with a National Championship win is awesome and also just our community coming together to celebrate the Noles is really special."

Fans piled into the stadium for the festivities which included heartfelt speeches from the voice of the Seminoles, Gene Deckerhoff, Florida State Athletic Director, Stan Wilcox and Head Coach, Jimbo Fisher. Famous Jameis also got on stage to talk about their winning season. Deckerhoff asked Winston, "completing a perfect season and winning a National Championship, you knew that was coming Jameis, you knew from the get-go that was on the way?" Winston’s response, "I knew that was coming, I promise you I knew that was coming. We knew it was coming, I know they knew it was coming and I know ya'll thought it was coming, but now ya'll know it came."

Although many people were not able to attend the game in Pasadena, this occasion gave everyone a chance to celebrate the crystal ball coming back to Tallahassee. Thousands of fans made their way down on to Bobby Bowden field to meet the players first hand and mingle with the champions. Lots of kids came dressed in garnet and gold to show their support for the team making the event a family affair. Lily Mae Daughtry says "I just like whenever they throw the football and beat everybody."

The celebration provided a perfect ending to a perfect season. 20,000 free commemorative posters were given to fans as they exited the event.

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