FSU Bone Marrow Drive

By: Alicia Turner
August 22, 2014

In 2011 the Kidz First Fund and "Be the Match" started a bone marrow drive for FSU's football team.

The goal was to help a coach's son who had been diagnosed with a rare disorder.

Cameron Ulrich, Director of Operations said, "A young healthy male is the perfect candidate for bone marrow donor, so we've decided just to continue this on every year it started with the football team and then now this year three years later we've decided to invite all of the student athletes."

Coach Jimbo Fisher's son Ethan has fanconi anemia and one means of treatment is a bone marrow transplant. Ethan has become a big reason athletes come out and support but some of them have other reasons as well.

Kevin Matheus, student athlete said, "I have two aunts who have passed away from leukemia so i figured it would be a good deed to do that."

Candi Fisher, Chairwoman of Kisz 1st said, "You never know when you get into the registry, you might be the one that somebody is looking for so it's really important for people to sign up if they're able to do so because you could save someone's life and I don't know of a greater gift to give someone than that."

This was the first year the drive was open to any student athlete. A ten second mouth swab is all it took to enter these athletes into a national database where there's only a thirty percent chance they will ever be a match in Tallahassee.

The "Be the Match" organization says there are around 71-diseases that can be treated or cured with a bone marrow transplant.

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