In-Nole-vation Challenge Puts Students In The Shark Tank

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
April 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Local investors and business owners gave FSU students their two cents.

"Pauses are dramatic," said a judge at the competition.

"The opportunity to have a discussion with these young people and potentially invest in their business," said Ron Frazier, one of the organizers of the event from the FSU College of Business.

The In-NOLE-vation Challenge began in October, when dozens of students pitched their ideas to professors, and now ten start-ups made it to the big leagues to vie for the judges' attention.

"Buddies and I butted heads quite a bit, but we got through it and I think it's made us better people and it's going to make us a better company," said Jarrod Parasmo, a Participate.

"This has to be in your DNA to want to do this," said Kedar Jambhekar, a Participate. "No one can unnaturally levitate themselves to going into business."

From environmentally friendly farming to data analysis, all selling their brand for the grand prize.

A prize of 15-thousand dollars went to Thomas Brady for his online study guide pitch called,

"Just excitement and hope for the future," said Thomas Brady, the In-Nole-vation Challenge Winner. "The prize is very beneficial to my company."

Brady will be using the money as a launching pad to improve his website.

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