FSU Faculty Not On Board With Sen. Thrasher

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By: Chris Gros
May 30, 2014

Tallahassee, FL -FSU’s Presidential Search Committee may have found its candidate in Florida State Sen. John Thrasher but the FSU faculty still isn't on board.

Sen. Thrasher submitted his cover letter and resume on Thursday, May 29th.

Many professors during a meeting this afternoon insisted that Sen. Thrasher isn't their ideal choice.
Some contend he doesn't have enough experience in higher education while others claim he's too close to politics. The faculty believes this points to a larger issue.

"The faculty is very concerned about the process. They are concerned that the process wasn't fair, wasn't open, wasn't transparent and that to bring in just one candidate is very unusual I can't even think of another example," said United Faculty of Florida and FSU Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer Proffitt.

The FSU Presidential Search Committee will vote June 11th, 2014 on whether or not they will recommend Sen. Thrasher to FSU’s Board of Trustees.FSU faculty plans to demonstrate their displeasure with the committee and Sen. Thrasher that same day.