FSU Fans In A Championship State Of Mind

By: Lanetra Bennett
November 11, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The hype continues after Florida State delivers another beating on the gridiron this past weekend.

The Seminoles are a shoo-in for the ACC Championship, and FSU fans already have their sights set on the National Championship game.

"All I want to say is, we want 'Bama." Says FSU fan Joe Valley.

FSU football fans have their eyes on the prize: The National Championship game.

FSU student Jacque Frank says, "If we were able to go and play Alabama in the Championship, that would be awesome. It'd be like a dream come true."

Local travel agents say they're already getting calls from fans who want to plan that 'dream' trip to the big game.

It's not official yet who will be playing in the National Championship game in Pasadena, California in January. But, the owner of Holiday Cruises and Tours, Phil Swartz, says his agency is working on package deals.

He says, "It'll probably be a four-day charter out to the National Championship. So, people I'm sure will jump on that one when it's available. But, it won't be available yet for the next, uh, until we find out for sure what's happening."

FSU has three games to go, plus the ACC Championship game.

As of Monday afternoon, StubHub.com showed there were 1,819 tickets left for this weekend's Homecoming game against Syracuse, with a price range of $37 to $9,999 per ticket.

It says there were 1,874 tickets left for the University of Florida game, and 9,342 tickets available for the ACC Championship game in December in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As far as planning for the National Championship, travel agents say you should book your trips as soon as package deals become available, because they say they will sell out fast.

The ACC Championship game is December 7 in Charlotte, North Carolina. FSU's opponent has not been determined.

For more ticket information and prices, go to fsu.edu or stubhub.com.

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