FSU Grad School Orientation

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By: Natalie Runino
August 19, 2014

Florida State's Graduate School orientation Tuesday was full of students fresh out of college, young adults returning after a few years in the workforce and a handful of folks right in the middle of adult-hood like Joanna Winters.

Joanna Winters, first year grad student said, "I'm an older student, I'm in my late 30's, so I've had experience in professional life. I used to teach upper elementary in Tallahassee."

Winters is starting a master's program in social work at FSU this fall but says she was hesitant to do so because of her mom's experience in the field.

"She has her bachelors in social work so I did not want to do social work cause she was actually laid off. So I fought against it but I'm so passionate about it," said Winters.

FSU's Graduate School is made up of 8,000 students. The dean of the school says it's becoming more common for people to pursue masters and doctoral degrees.

Nancy Marcus, Dean of FSU Graduate School said, "The more and more today the future of our country and frankly the world depends on getting that advanced training."

Marcus also says a lot of graduate school enrollment depends on the economy.

"If it's in an up time when people are hiring, they may decide to go and find a job and spend a few years in a job and then come back to work and that is fairly typical, but if the economy isn't looking too good they come to graduate school often," said Marcus.

Winters says she just hopes her degree will be worth it.

FSU offers more than seventy doctoral programs and around one hundred masters programs.

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