FSU Medical Students Spring Break In Panama.

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By: Emily Johnson
March 2, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - "It's a good experience for us as medical students and also good to help provide health care to those who don't have access to it," said Adam Field, 2ND year FSU Med School Student.

Instead of a usual spring break vacation as most college students might do, Adam Field along with five other FSU Medical School students will be hitting the rural villages in the country of Panama.

The med students will be giving over the counter drugs, like multivitamins for adults and children. As well as conducting physical exams to the village folks.

"There's some vitamin deficiency there in a lot the children and the parents what vitamins for their children so we try to make those accessible. Also prenatal vitamins for women who are pregnant," said Field.

Other medicines include Ibuprofen, antacids and personal hygiene items. The group will go to four different low income areas of the country. For one of the aspiring doctors this will be his first time on the trip.

"From what I hear in previous years you get to interact with this group of amazing people and you get to learn a lot more than what we're actually giving them. I'm really looking forward to that seeing what they have to teach us," said Carlos Rubiano, 1ST Year FSU Medical School Student.

FSU College of Medicine said their mission is to serve the state of Florida, but also help on an international platform. This will be the 11TH year the college will send students to Panama.

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