FSU Win Over Clemson

FSU UF Football Rivalry to Attract Visitors
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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
October 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL-The crowd cheered from the stands at the dominating win against Clemson.

"Once we just pounded them, like we are all just excited, we are ready to go to the national championship," said Matt Jordan, an FSU student. "We can't quit though we got to keep going, we got to keep going."

"We can all just get together and celebrate being Noles and celebrate the unity," said Audrey Townsend, an FSU student. Putting the Unity in university is I think is a wonderful thing."

Florida State students say they're cherishing the big win over Clemson.

The win even has past Noles more interested in joining the Alumni Association.

"Just two days we're already a third of the way to our goal of adding a new thousand members to the Alumni Association, so clearly it has to be part of the excitement and people wanting to reconnect to the university because of the success of our football team," said Scott Atwell, the president and CEO of the FSU Alumni Association.

According to FSU Athletics, Single ticket sales have already sold out for the Miami game at Doak on November second.

The only remaining tickets available for the match up with the Canes are a three-game ticket package and pro-rated season tickets.

CBS Sports Copy

The initial standings for the BCS's 16th and final season look a lot like the standings from its 14th and 15th seasons, too.

As expected, consensus No. 1 in the polls Alabama debuted at No. 1 -- again -- in the BCS standings, .049 points above second-place Florida State. Oregon, Ohio State and Missouri rounded out the top 5.

The full standings:

1. Alabama (.984): Since allowing 42 points in their win over Texas A&M, the Tide defense has allowed a total of 16 in their past five games.

2. Florida State (.935): While the win over Clemson helped vault Florida State to No. 2, their margin over Oregon is incredibly slim. So strange as it may feel, Seminoles must root for Florida to recover and give their team another shot at a high-profile late-season win.

3. Oregon (.932): While they're No.2 in both major polls, the Ducks find themselves third in the rankings that truly matter. After disposing of Washington State the Ducks don't have a gimme on the rest of their slate, which reads vs. UCLA, at Stanford, vs. Utah, at Arizona, vs. Oregon State. Combined record: 25-8, with five of those losses coming to another team in that group.

4. Ohio State (.855): Buckeyes in real danger of starting the season at No. 2 in the polls, going undefeated, and somehow still being left out of the national title picture.

5. Missouri (.822): The Tigers' rankings the last four weeks in the AP poll: unranked, No. 25, No. 14, No. 5. The BCS's computers (which rank them second on average) say it's about time you puny hu-mans caught on.

6. Stanford (.741): With pretty poll position and a marquee game against Oregon on the docket, the Cardinal are easily the current one-loss team best-prepared to make a charge at the BCS title game should the 'Noles and Buckeyes falter.

7. Miami (.720): 'Canes happy the top-10 carnage let them waltz up the polls even after the narrowest of escapes at North Carolina.

8. Baylor (.712): With the Bears fourth in Jeff Sagarin's margin-based "predictor" ratings and 18th in his margin-free formula for the BCS, no one is angrier that the BCS's computers aren't allowed to consider margin-of-victory.

9. Clemson (.625): To make the ACC Championship Game (and have any real shot at getting back in the national title race), Tigers need FSU to lose two of their last four ACC games, which include Miami ... and 0-3 ACC N.C. State, 2-2 Wake Forest, and 1-2 Syracuse.

10. Texas Tech (.622): How much faith does Vegas have in the undefeated Red Raiders? They've opened as eight-point underdogs at struggling Oklahoma.

11. Auburn (.506): The Tigers have gone from 118th in total offense in 2012 to 19th in 2013. Gus Malzahn may know what he's doing.

12. UCLA (.481): The Pac-12 sending the Bruins to play at Stanford and at Oregon in back-to-back weeks seems entirely fair. (Or not.)

13. LSU (.455): Les Miles wasn't going to be thrilled with two losses at the end of this season regardless. Safe to say that two losses by Week 8 to teams with a combined six losses of their own was really, really not what he had in mind.

14. Virginia Tech (.441): How do you have the FBS's 112th-ranked offense and still start 6-1 with your only loss to Alabama? By having the FBS's 2nd-ranked defense.

15. Oklahoma (.420): In his last three outings, Blake Bell has averaged 4.9, 5.1, and 5.2 yards per-attempt, and the last of those came against Kansas.

16. Texas A&M (.367): Aggies' losses are close shaves to an undefeated and one-loss team, but wins are only over Rice, Sam Houston St., SMU, Arkansas and Ole Miss, leaving them a solid No. 20 in the computers.

"Non-AQ" teams must reach the BCS top 16 and outrank one "AQ" champion to be eligible for an automatic BCS berth.

17. Fresno State

18. Northern Illinois

19. Oklahoma State

20. Louisville

21. South Carolina

22. Michigan

23. UCF

24. Nebraska

25. Oregon State

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