Police Arrest Man in FSU Attempted Sexual Assault

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Tallahassee, FL-December 15, 2012

Florida State University Police arrested 33-year-old man in connection to an attempted sexual assault.

The call came in just after midnight Saturday morning.

It came from a student using one of the campus' Bluelight Emergency Phones near Academic and Antarctic Ways.

Florida State University Police say the student called, saying a man had tried to sexually assault her.

"A guy came up behind her and put his arm around her shoulders and she pulled away. She kept on walking away from him at which point he reached up and put his hand on her shoulder and turned her around and then he grabbed at her clothing," says Major Jim Russell, of the FSU Police Department. "She pushed away and fell backwards and kicked at him at which point she realized his pants were around his ankles."

Police say the student got away unharmed.

Within minutes, FSU Police say they responded to the call and began searching the campus for the alleged suspect.

FSU Police say they found 33-year-old James Jackson north of campus. Jackson was arrested by police.

Police credit the student's ability to fight back with helping her get away from the alleged suspect.

"If somebody's willing to sexually assault you, they're willing to do anything to you so you need to use whatever means you can to get away from that and get help as soon as possible," says Russell.

Jackson is facing several charges including aggravated assault and battery.

Police say Jackson has no known association to the University. They are unsure what he was doing near campus.

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