FSU President Eric Barron Pays For Student Tickets

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By Joe Hellriegel

"We'd like to thank President Barron for all the tickets and wish him luck at Penn State."

Students are excited because President Eric Barron bought tickets for the first 5,000 students wearing garnet that attended the basketball game Wednesday against Louisiana Tech.

"This is the game before everybody goes to Madison Square Garden. So let's just have a big showing, let's show everybody how excited we are," said Barron.

Barron says, along with wanting a large crowd, he wanted to look into the future a little, before he leaves.

"The other thing was just sort of fun, the seats are coming out. The stadium is going to look completely different next fall and the next time we have a basketball game, all garnet. And I wouldn't mind before I go, seeing what it is going to look like. So I thought, 'O.K., if the students come in garnet t-shirts let's reward them,' and then let's see how loud we can be tonight," said Barron.

The students responded by saying they are very thankful.

"I thought it was a really large honor, one in part because obviously as he is departing it's one of our last large events that we can be associated and I think it was a really great opportunity for the students to get involved and have a larger attendance," said Wesley Sapp.

"It's an awesome going away present to the school and students that he has made so proud," said David Yuzenas.

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