FSU Professors Research in Indonesia

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A research team at FSU will be able to continue its work in strengthening education in Indonesia.

FSU's Center for International Studies in Educational Research and Development is getting a one million dollar grant.

Researchers visit Indonesia at least twice a year to improve how the country teaches its teachers.

The project started in 2006.

The director, Jeffrey Milligan, Ph.D., says, "It's very exciting and very gratifying, very humbling. it's a wonderful experience to be a part of improving education for people in parts of the world that are in very much in need of it in many ways."

The director says FSU has benefited as well, such as being able to host the Global Cafe on campus.

The Global Cafe is held periodically at the FSU Center for Global Engagement where students and staff can learn about other cultures and taste their native food. Friday's feature was Indonesia.

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