FSU ROTC Will Stand Guard 24 Hours for Veteran's Day Vigil

Tallahassee, FL - November 10, 2012

Florida State University ROTC students will stand guard in a 24-hour vigil for Veteran's Day at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in downtown Tallahassee, across from the Capitol building.

Member's of the community will be bringing hot soup and local restaurant, Cafe Molido (2475 Apalachee Parkway #105) will be donating sandwiches and coffee and to the cadets to help keep them warm and energized through the cold night. The food and coffee will be delivered at 9:00 tonight.

The cadets will be standing guard until 11:00 Sunday morning. The memorial itself consists of two granite columns with the American flag suspended between them. On the columns are engraved the names of 1,942 Vietnam War dead and 83 men listed as missing in action.

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