FSU Snatch and Run Robber Tased by Police

Tallahassee, FL - September 26, 2012

A robber targeted two women on the FSU campus, but police caught up with him and tased him.

FSU police say the first student was robbed of her laptop in the Dieffenbaugh lot about 6:40 Tuesday night. While police were investigating that robbery, a student reported another one near Cawthon Hall. The student says a man grabbed her cell phone and ran.

Police soon spotted a man who matched the robber's description and chased him. He was ultimately caught on Gaines Street. Jailon Couch is accused in both robberies. Police say he did not use a gun or any other weapon in the snatch and run robberies.

Jailon Couch Probable Cause Pg. 1
Jailon Couch Probable Cause Pg. 2
Jailon Couch Probable Cause Pg. 3

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