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Tallahassee, FL - FSU students heard a loud emergency alert at exactly 1:45 Thursday afternoon.

But, the alarm was only a test.

The FSU Police Department was testing its emergency alert system.

The system now has a new feature called the EZ Button System. Authorities can send an emergency alert to the system's 32 methods of delivery at one time by pressing a single button. Officials say that makes it time-saving and potentially life-saving.

FSU Student Brittany Beck was on Landis Green when the alert went off. She says, "It made me jump a little bit and it kind of reminds me of movies where there's like nuclear warfare or something; very big brothereque. So, it's a little creepy. But, I guess, in the end, it'll probably be the most efficient way to notify people if there's something wrong."

FSU PD performs the routine test every semester. It's usually done within the first three weeks of the semester.

FSU Alert Release

The Jan. 24, 2013 spring semester test of the FSU ALERT system has concluded. Thank you for your cooperation as periodic testing ensures the safety of our campus community. Florida State University would appreciate your participation in a brief feedback survey concerning today's test. The survey requires a login with your FSUID. To access the survey, click here: http://bit.ly/FSUALERTFeedback2013

If you have received an FSU ALERT message, additional emergency information and instructions will be posted here as it becomes available. Refresh this page for updated information.

FSU Alert Release

The Florida State University will conduct its required, once-per-semester, comprehensive TEST of the FSU ALERT Emergency Notification system on either Thursday, January 24 or Friday, January 25, sometime between10:00AM and 2:00PM.

This TEST will include each of the following emergency messages, in series one right after the other:
- Test
- Dangerous Situation
- All Clear

Despite the language of each individual alert message, ALL MESSAGES issued between Test and All Clear should be considered as a TEST; with no real emergency threat nor need to react.

This test will include most of FSU s 19 primary and secondary alert delivery methods. For more information about the FSU ALERT Emergency Notification System, please visit: http://bit.ly/FSUAlertInfo

FOLLOWING the test, please take a moment to complete the feedback survey at: http://bit.ly/FSUALERTFeedback2013. This information helps us determine the effectiveness of the system and if there are any needs for improvement. The survey requires a login with you FSUID, the same way you log in to Blackboard and/or OMNI. If you have trouble, try using your full FSUID (FSU\johndoe or johndoe@fsu.edu).

For more information, go to alerts.fsu.edu, like FSU ALERT on Facebook, and follow FSU ALERT on Twitter (@fsualert).

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