FSU Trustees Vote to Offset Tuition Hike

By: Lanetra Bennett
June 7, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Things get a little heated as FSU trustees discuss tuition increases.

The Florida Legislature mandates a hike, therefore, trustees say since they don't have a choice, they at least want to help offset the costs for students.

During the Board of Trustees meeting Friday afternoon, Trustee Emily Duda says, "How much with you board of trustees people is enough enough of raising tuition?"

Duda made it clear that she does not want tuition to go up at FSU.

But, administrators say they don't have a choice because of Florida Statute.

Tuition will increase by 1.7 percent.

Duda says, "I am really very disturbed. Everything seems to; we got to raise more money, we got to raise more fees, we got to raise this, we got to raise that. I don't think we're thinking about the family."

The board had a lengthy debate on the topic during its meeting Friday.

Trustee Margaret Rolando says it would be "foolish" to give up an increase. She says, "It's in the best interest of the university."

Trustee Susie Busch-Transou says, "I think it's a painful decision for all of us and I don't think it's taken lightly by any of us."

Administrators say the 1.7 percent tuition hike translates to $1.75 per credit hour for undergraduates or $52.50 per 30 credit hours, for a total of $1.38 million overall.

The board voted Friday to return at least half of the money back to financial aid.

FSU President Dr. Eric Barron says, "I think that's a great solution. This is a university that does not want to increase tuition. This helps make sure that we remain accessible to students that are economically disadvantaged."

Administrators say FSU still has one of the cheapest bargains for quality education.

Trustee Joseph Gruters made a motion to decrease "differential" tuition by $1.75 to make up for the 1.7 percent tuition increase. Dr. Barron says differential tuition goes entirely to undergraduates and is also invested for advisers and tutors.

Trustees voted against that motion.

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