FSU Fraternity Chapter Suspended In Wake of Sexual Battery Allegations

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UPDATED 9.27.2012 by Julie Montanaro

Sigma Nu Fraternity has suspended its Zeta Zeta chapter at Florida State University.

In a statement issued September 12th, Executive Director Brad Beacham says the fraternity's board of directors made the decision following "confirmation of violations of the Fraternity's law, policies and principles as well as violations of the policies of Florida State University. The violations were related to a recent unauthorized social activity and included the misuse of alcohol."

The statement did not go into any further detail about the "unauthorized social activity" and it do not mention the sexual battery accusations or the police investigation.

Beacham says the violations stem from the same party that prompted the sexual assault allegations. The fraternity house on College Avenue is closed, he said.

The Florida State University Police Department is still waiting for physical evidence in the case to be processed. FSU Police Spokesman Jim Ruselll did not have a timeline for making any decisions about any criminal charges.
9-26-2012 by James Beuchele

An FSU student says she believes she was sexually assaulted during a party at a fraternity house.

FSUPD tells us they are investigating the claims. They say an 18-year-old FSU student told them she was assaulted at a party at the Sigma Nu fraternity house.

FSUPD Major Jim Russell tells WCTV that she told investigators the incident happened late last month during a party on August 28. The victim says she went to the Sigma Nu house with friends and doesn't remember parts of the night.

When she woke up the next day at the fraternity house she felt that she'd been assaulted. She told investigators she then walked back to her dorm room where a member of University housing found her crying in a hallway. That worker called police.

Police suspect someone may have slipped something in her drink that affected her memory and right now they are investigating the case as what the call a 'drug-assisted sexual battery'.

Right now there are no pending arrests but investigators do have several people they would like to question. Police believe the victim is credible.

As of tonight, it's been confirmed that the Sigma Nu fraternity has been suspended but right now it's not known if the investigation had anything to do with that.

WCTV called the national chapter, but their offices were already closed for the evening.

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