Facebook Post May Have Fueled Shooting [PROBABLE CAUSE ATTACHED]

Tallahassee, FL - A Tallahassee woman was arrested after firing several shots at another woman whose children were sleeping inside her home just feet away. Police say it stemmed from posts on Facebook.

Tallahassee Police say they immediately noticed the broken dining room window and the bullet holes in the Toyota Camry when they arrived on Sundown Lane.

Courtney Brown was arrested for shooting up the place.

The arrest report says the homeowner was asleep when she heard a loud crash around 4:30 Sunday morning.

Police say the homeowner saw a brick through the window, looked outside and saw Brown in a car with Richard Golden.

Police say the homeowner argued with the couple, then the shooting began.

Nearby resident Eddie Wilson says, "That's a shock. People usually stay to themselves around here. You never see police cars. I cannot believe something like that would happen over here. That's a shame. I'm not used to stuff like that happening over here."

Police say Brown was seen shooting until she passed the next house. Officers say they found shell casings on the roadway of Sundown Lane for a distance up to 20 feet.

Police say Brown had been feuding with another woman over video of a fight between Brown and the woman posted on Facebook.

The arrest report says Brown's Facebook page said, "We are too pretty to fight. If you want to go to war band bang bang bang."

The driver, Golden, was also taken to the Leon County Jail.

Police say a black Chevrolet Tahoe was also at the scene. That vehicle was not found.

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