Family Gets Christmas Surprise

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Perry, FL-December 23, 2012

One local family got an early Christmas surprise this year.

This is the Christmas gift the Doyle family says they were hoping for....a beauty baby girl named Jordyn. But how little baby Jordyn came into the world was not exactly the way the Doyle Family says they were expecting.

At nine months pregnant, Lyndsay Doyle was expecting to give birth any day. In fact, she was driving along U.S. 19 on her way to the hospital when she says she felt the contractions coming.

"The faster the car went the rougher it got and it was just 'get it over with.' I wanted to get to the hospital and get it over with, but we didn't make it," says Lyndsay Doyle, the child's mother.

About 10 miles away from the hospital, Doyle says she had her husband pulled off to the side of the road. Then in the absence of any medication and with only the help of her family and a 911 operator over the phone, Doyle says they were able to successfully deliver their baby girl.

"She's healthy and she's okay and she gets to be here Christmas morning," says Doyle.

Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and took the family to the hospital where Mother and daughter spent the last few days recovering. The family says they hope to bring little baby Jordyn home to Perry to meet the whole family just in time for Christmas.

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