Family Loses Everything In House Fire

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Decatur County, GA- Brenda and Donald Grubbs, Jr. are finally seeing what's left of their home along Old Eldorendo Road in Decatur County.

They say a fire broke out around 6:30 Saturday evening and within minutes flames were soaring.

Decatur County Fire Chief Charlie McCann says the official cause of the fire is chimney related.

"The ember went out and it caught the leaves on fire and it was such an old house and the wood was so old, it just ignited real quick and completely burned everything," said Brenda Grubbs. Her husband Donald added, "All we had."

It took firefighters from Decatur County Fire and Rescue and the Miller County Fire Department two hours to control the flames.

The family will be receiving assistance from the Salvation Army and The American Red Cross for the next six days.

They say despite losing everything, they still feel blessed.

"The pain we feel from losing what we had, even stuff that can't be replaced, is nothing like if we would have lost a life and so we're grateful for that," said Brenda.

Donald said, "I'd give a house up any day for my family."

The family did not have insurance to cover the loss.

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