Mary Turner Commemoration To Be Held May 17

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Winnie Wright
May 16, 2014

Lowndes County, GA - According to The Mary Turner Project, 20 year old Turner and her unborn child were violently killed in 1918. Turner and her child were allegedly murdered after trying to seek justice for those that allegedly killed her husband. According to the Project's records, a lynch mob killed her husband and 13 more people after a local plantation owner was killed by one of his workers.

"She was trying to do what she thought was just. She had to know what was going to happen to her. She was smart enough to get her kids out, so I think she probably had no illusion that this was probably going to be her death sentence", says Mark George, with The Mary Turner Project.

"And it gives me courage to know that someone in my family had enough unconditional love to make sure that her family was taken care of", says Audrey Grant, Mary Turner's great-granddaughter.

Each year the family of Mary Turner joins members of the community on the edges of Lowndes and Brooks counties to celebrate her life and death. In 2010, this plaque was installed making it an official Georgia Historic Site.

The Mary Turner Project alleges that because of the 1918 lynchings nearly 500 people fled the area.. Audrey Grant's family being one of them.

This weekend will be the first time this many different members of the family will be holding a reunion, bringing everyone together.

If you would like to attend the Mary Turner commemoration, you can find the details at Mary, or by calling 229-234-2856.