Fans and Police Gear up for Florida State vs. Florida

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What better way to end the regular FSU football season.

The #4 ranked Florida Gators square up against the #10 Florida State Seminoles.

This is the first time in 12 years both teams play each other, while ranked in the top ten.

"I don't even wear blue and orange," said FSU student, Jack Henmy.

"Us being the two best schools in the state, I feel, you're going to have that rivalry."

Campus may be quiet right now for Thanksgiving break, but students like Henmy can't wait for the big game!

"Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a ticket, so I'm going to be watching it from my TV at home, but I will be showing my spirit at home," Henmy said.

Come Saturday, Doak Campbell stadium will be packed and Florida State Police say they're ready for it. They've used every home game before this one to prepare.

"We would have a meeting and basically grade ourselves. Was that a B+, a B-, an A-," said Major Jim Russell with FSUPD.

There are plenty of schools that aren't too fond of the Noles, but many believe there's no rivalry bigger than this one.

"This is a game we have to win, if we've lost every other game, we've got to beat Florida," Russell said.

We should note, during the making of this story, we were not able to find any gator fans for comment.

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