Fashionistas For A Cause

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By Bailey Myers
July 15, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tonight local celebrities and children in the community are searching for that perfect outfit. They'll wear that outfit during the 'Back to School Fashion Show' in August.

It was a shopping party at Goodwill, as children and celebrities met their fashion partners. Its a debate on who is teaching who what to wear, but so far it looks like some of the kids will win out. This is the third year the Heart Gallery has paired up with local sponsors to showcase children still on their journey to adoption. Knowing the success this program has had in the past, these kids are excited.

Some kids report that they even have themes planned out for their outfits...

The fashion show is set for August 15th at the Goodwood Museums, where child and celebrity take to the catwalk to raise awareness about the needs of kids in foster care.

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