Feedback Needed On Noise Ordinance

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By Garin Flowers
August 5, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Complaints from residents have led local leaders to consider a new noise ordinance... But because of state law, it won't be easy. They're asking for more feedback from the community.

A court ruling last year on loud music coming from cars put a pause on city attempts to address noise concerns.. So now they're working on an ordinance that they hope will fit within state statutes.

Whether it's in the morning, afternoon, or night-- loud noises can be a nuisance.

That's why city officials are asking residents and business owners to give their input on a proposed noise ordinance.

Arland Billups knows what it's like to live in a noisy area.

Arland Billups: "It was kind of unsettling. Especially, because I like to read a lot and sometimes I couldn't read or concentrate but other than that it didn't last very long."

Cassandra Jackson: "We want to address all the concerns, both business concerns, as well as the concerns of private citizens."

Residents have a little more than a month to voice their opinions on the proposed ordinance... Then city commissioners will vote on it in the fall.

Cassandra Jackson: "We're taking public comment until September 15 and we're really encouraging the public to either contact the city attorney's office to express a concern after they review the ordinance or to give us any information or input."

The ordinance will identify sound levels based on the time of day and location in the city.

Arland Billups: "The city should do that because a lot of times you have people who will want to live in certain areas, to participate in certain activities and they just don't feel comfortable."

The city's goal here is to find the right balance between the sound of peaceful neighborhoods and a vibrant urban area. People can request a presentation on the ordinance or provide feedback by going to the city's website:
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