Feeding Franklin County

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Franklin County, FL - January 12, 2013

A county known for its Oysters is going through some tough times.

The Storms have dried up the oyster bed leaving people in Franklin County without food or work.

"The community is struggling like alot of communities across the country and when you have a community that depends on a specific occupation, such as the oyster beds, it makes a rough situation even rougher because where do you turn too," said Richard English, The Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Saturday volunteers delivered truckloads of food to those looking for their next meal.

"The people that got food that really needed the food that got out here and helped us bag the food," said Franklin County Commissioner, William Massey.

Farmers Feeding Florida also lent a hand by contributing the produce.

"Its fulling to work with organizations and to be able to collaborate with other organizations to secure food to help those in need, who are struggling to put food on the table," said English.

The Distribution is not over yet.

On Monday, Commissioner Massey and volunteers will give the rest of the food to senior citizens and churches across the community.

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