Feral Cat Controversy

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Animal advocates say more than 100,000 cats are strays in our area, and many of them are feral...Which means their wild.

They're causing issues for some property owners.

Tonight, people on all sides of the issue came together to try to figure out what to do with all the cats.

When stray cats don't end up at a shelter, they're left to fend for themselves.

Many become feral and continue to reproduce, which can cause issues.

Charles Hall, has feral cat problem at home, stated, "our neighbors had somewhere between 30 or 40 cats."

Hall and his wife say they live next to what's called a "feral cat colony," which they say has all but destroyed their property.

Hall also stated, "it has just taken over our yard, they're staying in our yard, they're using the restroom in our yard and hollerin' in our yard and we can't take it anymore."

Pat Simmons, Volunteer with St. Francis Wildlife, stated, "they're predators, they're hunters."

Wildlife advocates have a different issue with feral felines.

Pat Simmons, also stated, "they can decimate an area, for example of a song bird population and at st. Francis a significant number of song birds that we see come in to us because of contact with a cat."

But how exactly to deal with feral cats remains to be seen.

Sitting at the meeting this evening were representatives from Leon County, Animal Control and concerned citizens with several points of views.

Dr. Gabrielle Gabrielli, Animal advocate, stated, "there are three solutions. One do nothing, which doesn't help anything. Two, round up all the cats and kill them, which i don't think is very humane and three do TNR, trap, neuter, release."

By the end of this meeting, none of those options were pushed through.

County leaders plan to assemble a smaller version of this group to come up with a solution.

They are looking for someone who has successfully run a feral cat colony, so all sides of the issue can be represented fairly.

Tallahsasee, FL - When it comes to stray cats, the Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Services Center says right now there are about 100-thousand stray cats out there.

Meetings with citizens and animal control have been going on periodically to figure out how to deal with these cats.

In the meeting this evening was animal control representatives and concerned citizens - the meeting open to the public.

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