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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
February 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - "Rings--we have some beautiful pieces," said Liz Tatum, the Florida Capitol Vault Supervisor. "We have a lovely watch the face is covered with diamonds."

Collectibles worth thousands of dollars. Behind the vault door, sealed boxes are full of unclaimed property.

"The majority of these items are things that are not only valuable, but sentimentally important to the owners," said Tatum.

Left behind in safe deposit boxes from more than 7,000 banks in Florida.

In Leon County, there is more than 60,000 accounts with more than 12 million dollars of property.

In Wakulla County, there is more than 2 thousand accounts with more than 400 hundred thousand dollars of property.

In Gadsden County, there is more than 7 thousand accounts with 1.4 million dollars of property. And in Jefferson, their is more than 9 thousand accounts with 1.8 million dollars of property.

"Sometimes companies owe money back to the owner or a savings account doesn't get closed out," said Chief Walter Graham from the Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property. "We stand in the shoes of the owner of unclaimed funds."

You can find out If you have unclaimed property. Simply sign on to the state's website, at, and you can be the owner to thousands of dollars, you did not know you had.

Mike Groh did the same thing and got lucky.

"It was a shock," said Mike Groh, who collected unclaimed property. "We didn't really realize it was out there and it was well-worth the effort to pursue it."

Groh had more than $6,000 sitting unclaimed in a Credential Life Insurance account.

"Got a letter from Jeff Atwater's office that I was taking a look at and basically said we had more unclaimed money out there," said Groh.

"We proactively notify people with claim forms and letters from the CFO Jeff Atwater," said Graham.

The attachment linked to this article, shows accounts of money owed to people in Leon County.

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