Tallahassee Woman Insulted by Restaurant's Receipt

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By: Eyewitness
June 18, 2014

When Valencia Jones heard the word black she didn't know what to do.

Jones said, "I felt humiliated, I felt disrespected in front of my daughter and her friend."

Jones had just ordered dinner from the Firehouse Subs on Thomasville Road. When her order was ready she says employees did not call out her name.

"When they called out my name, they called out black. I looked around, he looked around and I was the only one without my order and he said I guess this is yours." Jones said.

Jones still has the receipt and showed me a copy today. black is typed at the top where a name for the order is normally placed.

The restaurant's manager declined an on camera interview today. But he told me that black was written on the receipt because Jones was wearing a black shirt.

Jones said she was wearing a green shirt and has contacted the restaurant's owner.

Jones said, "He apologized, he said that he would be speaking to the young man who actually wrote black on the receipt and he told me that he will be reprimanded and I asked him how and he said that he would be written up."

When contacted by Eyewitness News Firehouse Subs released this statement.

"A guest was not treated with heartfelt service at on of our restaurants, and for that we are very sorry. This is a serious situation and we are investigating it to take proper action."

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