Thomasville Police Chief Sworn In

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By: Chris Gros
July 10, 2014

Thomasville, GA - A brand new Police Chief was sworn-in in Thomasville, Georgia Thursday afternoon.

Chief Troy Rich took his oath at a public ceremony making his title official. Rich is the fifth Thomasville Police Chief since 1974.

The man he replaced, Ellis Jackson, was Chief of Police from 2007 until June this year and had worked at the department for more than 38 years.

Rich himself has been with Thomasville Police since 1990 and was named Assistant Chief in 2007.

"24 years ago You took a chance on a young man from New Jersey, you've given me the opportunity and I'm sure you had no idea that I would be standing here as the new police chief," said Chief Rich.

By: Emily Johnson
July 1st, 2014

Thomasville, GA - There's a new person in charge at the Thomasville Police Department.

Troy Rich had his first day on the job as Chief today. He's served in the Thomasville Police Department for more than 20 years. Chief Rich started as a patrol officer in 1990 and has worked his way up the ranks. For the past seven years he has held the position as the Assistant Police Chief.

"There will be changes obviously. Those changes will come at an appropriate time. Currently today is my first day I have a lot of things I need to do to get organized," said Chief Rich, Thomasville Police Chief.

Chief Rich says one of the first things he will do is address his team to see where improvements can be made in the department.

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