First Day Of School At Lowndes County And Valdosta City Schools

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Winnie Wright
August 7, 2014

Valdosta, GA - The Boohoo Breakfast is a time for kindergarten moms and dads to get used to their little ones growing up, but their reactions may surprise you.

"You know, it went really well today, dropping Ashlyn off for the first time. She was excited, so that made me less hestiant. It made me excited for her", says Courtney Sheeley, a first-time Kindergarten mom.

What about the kids who asked to be dropped off out front? Well, their moms didn't fare as well.

"They're growing up. They're not coming back. They're not going to be little anymore. But, I realize they are ready to go", says Amy Woods, a second-time Kindergarten mom.

Some parents say they were even more excited than the kids.

"I was going through the high school parking lot to drop my son off and one of the attendants was standing in the way, and I almost ran over him. He was like 'ma'am, you need to slow down', and I was like 'sir, you need to move, or I'm going to take you over, because I'm ready to drop them off at school", says Nicole Lee, mother of five.

For faculty, the first day of school is just beginning.

"When Monday rolls around and they realize, after a two day weekend, they actually have to come back and do this again, I'm anticipating a few more criers", says Mickie Jones, Principal at Pine Prove Elementary.

But for the kids, it's all about who you get as a teacher.

"I don't know if she will be rough, or easy, or something", says Abigail Gilbert, a first grader.

"She's nice, whenever you need help, she helps you, and sometimes she tells the answers", says Jordyn Dasher, a second grader, about her teacher.