Fishermen Cast Reels For Annual Tournament

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Carrabelle, FL 6-14-13

Hundreds of fishermen have lots of bait and high hopes of catching a big one this weekend at the 25th annual Big Bend Saltwater Classic.

One organization is helping local vets cast their lines for the competition. Will Isaacs served in Iraq as a member of the Marine Corps in 2004. Now he's participating in "Fishing for the Brave". It's a group that takes current service members or vets out on the waters to take part in the Saltwater Classic.

"It's just an adrenaline rush," said Isaacs. "It really is. You just get this feeling like 'oh man there's a fish.'"

CAPT Chester Reese took Isaacs out on his boat this year and sees it as an obligation to those who have defended this country.

"They've served with honor and it's our honor to serve them," said Reese.

Last year more than 700 fishermen took part in the Big Bend Saltwater Classic, catching fish like the Spanish Mackerel. After hauling in six fish Friday morning, one has a chance to take home a top honor.

"You can't keep these guys down you know? They're constantly wanting to have fun and it's really a pleasure having these gentlemen on board."

I guess the saying is true: the worst day of fishing beats the best day at work.

The Classic continues Saturday with an awards ceremony Sunday at 10 a.m. in Carrabelle.

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