Flash Mob Showcases Benefits of Breastfeeding

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Folks who headed to the Downtown Marketplace in Tallahassee earlier today were in for quite the surprise.

One group was raising awareness about breast feeding, all while having fun.

It was a normal Saturday morning until all of the sudden a flash mob broke out!

Dozens of women and children began dancing to the song, "Happy" in order to bring attention to the benefits of breastfeeding.

Sarah Ward, mom of three, planned the event.

"It was pretty exciting. Everyone was just milling about then all of the sudden people just started dancing," Ward said.

Ward said she never expected such a big turnout.

"We put up an event on Facebook and people just started sharing and spreading the word and promoting it here and there. Before I knew it more than 40 people signed up to come," she said.

Sarah is a part of the Capital City Breastfeeding Coalition, a group that offers support to breastfeeding mothers.

The women who participated in the flash mob said they wanted to find an entertaining way to give moms advice about breastfeeding.

"Keep giving it a try. It doesn't always work the very first time. Baby needs to learn and mama needs to learn, but it's so worth it,"
Lorinne Myatt, a Flash Mob Choreographer said.

The dancing lasted an entire song but seconds after the music stopped, life at the Marketplace went back to normal.

The flash mob celebration comes just two days after World Breastfeeding Week ended.

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