Flood Waters In Lafayette County Have Folks Asking For Help

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Updated By: Emily Johnson
April 1, 2014, 3pm

County Commissioner Lance Lamb said the county only has one pump, and they're trying to pump the water out of people's yards, but they can only do so much.

Also he said they don't have enough funds for another pump. Commissioner Lamb said they have a meeting with Water Management Tuesday to see if there is anything else they can do at this point.

By: Emily Johnson
March 31, 2014

Lafayette County, FL - Within the past few days water levels have risen dramatically for residents in Mayo, Florida. They're asking the county for help.

"We're trying, but it still coming on the porch," said Margaret Elmore.

Elmore is talking about the water that is surrounding her home off of County Road 300. She said the water won't stop swelling in her yard. "It's like you can't do nothing. You have to wear shorts and you have to wear water boots."

Elmore said the water has risen so high that she can't even use the bathroom in her home because the septic tank is under water.
"When the water does get out we're going to have to fork out 250 to 300 dollars just to be able to use it."

Other residents along County Road 300 said the rising waters stem from some fairly recent digging work. "They dug a canal back here into a pond and the water has been doing this ever since," said Dale Richardson, Mayo, Florida resident.

Some residents won't let their children play outside because of the uncertainties. "I have small babies, I go to work in the mornings, I don't know what's in this water," said Vanessa Robertson.

Robertson also said she just wants relief. "We want them to do whatever they need to do to get this water off of us."

WCTV did reach out to Lafayette County leaders, but we haven't heard back. We will update you when we hear from them.

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