Flooding in Downtown Tallahassee Affects Schools and Businesses

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Tallahassee, FL - Schools and businesses in downtown Tallahassee were affected by the torrential down pour today. Avenue Eat & Drink, is a locally owned restaurant in the heart of downtown Tallahassee. General Manager, Jeff Stump, says guests of nearby hotels and professionals working in the downtown area are able to walk a couple of blocks and avoid driving on the flooded streets. He says "we are busy all the time and most of the people in downtown Tallahassee know that it's going to rain, they have an umbrella."

Ashley Nelson works at Andrews downtown which has a popular outside seating area. She says when it rains, business slows down. She says "I'll get a couple of tables tonight, whereas on a busier night I would get 15 to 20." Local students were also inconvenienced with the weather. Some of the parking lots at Leon High School flooded. According to Leon High student, Rafael Garcia "I drove here in the Junior Bowl. thinking I was going to park in the Senior Bowl because it was flooded and I didn't have an umbrella with me but the Senior Bowl was closed and I had to run all the way from Junior Bowl to here and it was raining really hard."

8th graders, Mary Grace Jones and Sophia Copeland have their own opinions on the rain and say their least favorite part about it is “"our hair, it's just crazy, and my shoes are really wet so, it's cold."

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