Florida Champion Wins First top Prize in $2,000,000 Jackpot Scratch-Off Game

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News Release: Florida Lottery Communications
August 6, 2014

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Lottery announces that Tyler Champion, 25, of Monticello, claimed a top prize in the $2,000,000 JACKPOT Scratch-Off game at Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee.

Champion purchased his winning ticket from Raj Food Store, located at 700 E. Washington Street in Monticello. He chose to receive the winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment in the amount of $1,451,325.03. The retailer will receive a $4,000 bonus commission for selling the winning Scratch-Off ticket.

“I am going to take the money and set up trust funds for my children to attend college,” said Champion.

The JACKPOT-themed Scratch-Off games launched last month and range in price from $1 to $10. The new games, $10,000 JACKPOT, $50,000 JACKPOT, $500,000 JACKPOT and $2,000,000 JACKPOT, offer more than $208 million in instant prizes and a second chance promotion with prizes of up to $50,000. The overall odds of winning $2,000,000 JACKPOT are one-in-3.54, and there are five of six top prizes remaining.

There are two drawings remaining in the $50,000 Jackpot Second Chance Promotion, to be held on August 13 and September 3. In each drawing, one grand prize winner will win $50,000 and 50 second prize winners will win $500. All non-winning JACKPOT family Scratch-Off games are eligible for entry into the second chance promotion. The number of entries a player will receive corresponds to the price point of the non-winning ticket entered into the $50,000 Jackpot Second Chance Promotion. For more information about these games and the second chance promotion, visit This LINK.

Scratch-Off games are an important part of the Lottery’s portfolio of games, comprising approximately 64 percent of ticket sales and generating more than $640 million for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF) in fiscal year 2013-14.

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