Florida Colleges Among Most Affordable In Nation

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Press Release: Florida Department of Education

Tallahassee, Fla., June 28, 2013 – Despite rising tuition costs across the country, 19 Florida College System (FCS) institutions landed at the top of a list of public, four-year colleges with the lowest tuition rates. The U.S. Department of Education’s (USED) College Affordability and Transparency Center released lists identifying college costs to help students make informed choices about higher education.

Gov. Rick Scott said, “The news that Florida colleges are the most affordable in the nation is a testament of our efforts to fight tuition and fee increases, as well a testament to the hard work of our college leaders and educators in expanding opportunities for students. Every one of Florida’s colleges that offer four year degrees stepped up to the plate and took the $10,000 degree challenge, which will provide families with even more opportunities to get a great education and pursue their dreams. The more affordable we make college, the more education opportunities we provide our students - and the more we support job growth. This report shows that yet again, Florida is the best place to live, to learn, to work and to thrive.”

“The Florida College System has a longstanding history of keeping tuition rates low, ensuring all Floridians have access to affordable, high-quality education and job training,” said FCS Chancellor Randy Hanna. “We take great pride in being among the most affordable colleges in the nation.”

The USED opened the center in 2011 to help track college costs while providing tools and data to help students and families make smart decisions about their higher education options. Using data from more than 4,000 institutions, the center highlighted colleges with the highest and lowest tuitions, the highest and lowest net prices, and the fastest-rising costs.

Among public, four-year institutions, the center identified 19 Florida colleges as being in the bottom 10 percent for tuition and fees. The average for tuition and fees in the FCS for public, four-year institutions is $2,792, well below the mid-point of the national average of $7,135. The average for tuition and fees in the FCS for public, two-year institutions is $2,727, below the national average of $2,905.

The center also highlighted average net prices, which is the average price of attendance that is paid by students after grants and scholarships are taken into account. Nine FCS institutions were in the bottom 10 percent for net price; eight in the public, four-year category and one in the public, two-year category. The average net price in the FCS for public, four-year institutions is $6,757, below the national average of $10,863. The average net price for all FCS institutions is $6,750.

“The value of a college education is important in today’s economy,” said Chancellor Hanna. “The Florida College System ensures that students have access to an affordable college education that prepares them for the workforce or continued education.”

For more information and to view the reports, visit the College Affordability and Transparency Center.

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