Florida Department of Education Releases End of Course Exam Results

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June 16, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The Florida Department of Education has just released test results for the end of course exams for middle school and high school students across the state of Florida. It shows Leon County ranked high in most of the subjects tested.

"In all math and science end of course exams that are administered Leon County Schools was better than the state average," said Jillian Gregory, Leon County Schools Director of Testing, Research and Evaluation.

LCS says math and science is their strong suit.

"Working with understanding complex questions and how to respond to complex questions using the state standards and our instructional materials," said Gregory.

In Social Studies Leon County Schools ranked first in the majority minority districts and exceeded the state scale by 4%.

On the US History exam Leon Schools was actually 1% below the state average.

"So what we'll do is take a really close look at the data identifying areas of strength, identify areas of growth, work with our schools and our teachers to support the students in those areas," said Gregory.

News Release: Florida Department of Education
June 16, 2014

Tallahassee—The Florida Department of Education released 2013-14 End of Course Exam data for Algebra 1, Biology 1, Geometry, US History and Civics.

Leon County Schools’ has been deemed an “Academically High Performing School District” for the second consecutive year by the Florida Department of Education.

“Once again our district is among the leaders in performance on End of Course Exams,” said Superintendent Jackie Pons. “We are proud of our teachers and students’ continued efforts.”

Science and Math

Leon County exceeds state average in Math and Sciences EOCs

State- Algebra I: 57 Geometry: 63 Biology I: 66
Leon- Algebra I: 68 Geometry: 70 Biology I: 68

Leon County exceeded the Algebra I state score by 11 points, Geometry by 7 points and Biology I by 2 points.

Leon County Schools’ exceeds the state average in every tested area in math and science. For all majority-minority districts, Leon County Schools’ ranked in the top 3 in math and science EOCs.

Social Studies

In the first year of the state reporting results in terms of percentages, LCS trailed the state average by 1% on the US History EOC exam—Leon 64% and State 65%

In the Civics EOC exam, LCS ranked first in majority minority districts and exceeded the state scale score by 4 points.

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