Florida Lawmakers React To Jennifer Carroll's Resignation

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By: Kara Duffy
March 13, 2013

Tallahassee, FL- With the legislative session now in full swing, news of former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll's resignation spread quickly.

"My boss was walking out the door and said, 'Oh, the Lieutenant Governor resigned,' and I was like, 'What, really?' "I was pretty shocked by it obviously. There's a lot going on in the session right now and that is not something you'd expect to happen," said Michael Dobson, a legislative aide.

Carroll's resignation comes in the wake of a federal, state and local investigation into internet cafes.

Those who knew Carroll are trying to make sense of the allegations.

"The fact that she has been a respected member of the Florida House of Representatives and also serving in her capacity as Lieutenant Governor, I'm somewhat saddened," said Tallahassee Rep. Alan Williams. "But, I think she did what was not only best for her family, but I think best for the state of Florida," he added.

"I'm very disappointed obviously; she's a personal friend of mine and I know her family. Obviously I'm saddened by it and just simply wish her the best," said Senator John Thrasher from Jacksonville.

Senator Thrasher said he's also saddened to hear that according to the FDLE, two of the key conspirators are from Jacksonville and two men with the Jacksonville Fraternal Order of Police were also arrested in connection to the investigation.

"This is a very insidious operation obviously, that reached across the state of Florida and I think there's still problems out there and the Florida Senate is going to try to address some of those problems this upcoming Monday," he said.

Senator Thrasher already has a bill on the floor related to Internet Cafes. He said he's now going to amend that bill and hopefully have it heard Monday.

If passed, the bill would prohibit internet cafes from operating anywhere in the state of Florida.

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